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Preparing your Child for Their First Dental Visit

This is an experience that most parents are unsure about what to expect. Many children come in with the preconceived thoughts from their prior experiences and their pediatrician visits. It is a high stress appointment both for children and their parents. Here are some recommendations from Dr. Nadia regarding your child’s first dental visit

  • Share with your child the experience of a dental visit make it as pleasant as possible
  • we will be counting superhero teeth and princess teeth
  • we will be making your teeth shiny and learning how to keep our teeth clean
  • explaining to your child that there will be a visit to the dentist every 6 months and it is nothing like their experience at the pediatricians office
  • feel free to bring their blanket their stuffed animal or anything that makes them feel comfortable
  • We try our best to make your child feel as comfortable as possible
  • If you feel your child does better with a familiar environment please come tour our office and meet our team before your child’s appointment Dr. Nadia would be more than happy to meet your child also